Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (Cycle 3)

SMC Cycle 3 implementation in Borno State Started on 10th September 2020.  Three (3) strategies were used in Cycle 3 due to complex operating environment:

  • House-to-house (H2H);
  • Reaching every settlement (RES); and
  • Community informants from inaccessible areas (CIIAs)

25 accessible LGAs were planned for the implementation, within these LGAs are fully accessible, partially accessible and inaccessible areas. As such, the fully accessible areas were reached by H2H teams, partially accessible areas were reached using the RES teams, while inaccessible areas were reached through CIIAs. This was to ensure that all eligible children within the 25 LGAs were protected from malaria.

  • H2H strategy in accessible settlements across 23 LGAs,
  • RES strategy in partially accessible settlements across 13 LGAs, and
  • CIIA support in inaccessible settlements across 9 LGAs

Several levels of monitoring and supervision took place during implementation and daily review meetings at all levels held throughout the period of activity, as well as e-Tracking of the teams using GIS.



  • Increased cases of insurgency attacks, affected implementation in some in some LGAs leading to suspension of implementation for about a week, thereby leading to an extra day implementation in the affected LGAs.
  • Staggered implementation due to several factors namely: shortfall of drugs, security advise on movement of drugs and commodities and insurgent attack in some areas.
  • Due to shortfall of drugs, we had to prioritize IDP camps and host communities for coverage in MMC & Jere.
  • A member of CJTF from from Guzamala was attacked and injured by insurgent during RES activity but was rescued by the military.
  • Delay in retrieving data from some LGAs due to late arrival of the teams working in security compromised areas (RES & CIIAs), as can be seen we are still awaiting some data.